The Bike Project Zine
  • The Bike Project Zine

    Artwork by Casey Knight @caseyillustration


    All proceeds from the sale of the zine will be donated to The Bike Project, who support refugees by providing donated & fully repaired bicycles for independence and transport.


    Thank you for being an amazing supporter of The Bike Project. We wouldn't be able to get refugees cycling with the generosity of people like you!




    ☺ 4 colour duplex Risograph zines (yellow, fluo orange, aqua, purple, sunflower, light mauve, seafoam, federal blue, teal)

    ☺ 110mm x 110mm folded / 110 x 550mm unfolded

    ☺ Limited edition run of 100 on Coffee Cup recycled 170gsm paper

    ☺ Shipped in a hardbacked envelope

    ☺ Free shi