Fear Naut Magazine Issue 1


A magazine conceived and created by women and non-binary folk of the London waterways.


"We stand for the empowerment of women and non-binary folk, strong community, the freedom to live as you please and DIY. Boat womyn are creative, brave and independent. We have a wealth of creativity and experience with a unique and special view of the world and we want to share that with you."


This is a magazine for people living on the water, for those interested in alternative ways of living - from creatives and dreamers, to activists and environmentalists and many more.


3 colour magazine printed in teal, bright red and yellow

20 x 25cm, 40 pages

Risograph soy ink printed onto ethically produced paper from the UK


Shipped in a cardboard envelope

FREE SHIPPING to the UK, £6.00 flat rate for rest of the world


All profits will go towards creating future issues of the magazine


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    Studio 0.4, V22

    5 Crown Close

    London E3 2JH

    07526 349405 (phone/whatsapp) 



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