Prices below cover our service fee for A3 single sided print jobs. For duplex prints, add together the appropriate service cost for each side. Each colour layer requires a separate master stencil.

Scroll down for trimming and binding options and click here for paper.

Need something different?


A sheet of clean paper is inserted between every print, to minimise ink transfer

Recommended for duplex prints, but not required

> £0.05 per print impression


200 x 2 colour, double sided prints = 800 print impressions


Full bleed is 10-15mm smaller than equivalent paper size

£2.50 a cut, per 250 prints
A4 = 1 cut
A5 = 2 cuts
A6 = 4 cuts


500 prints cut to A5 size 

4 x £2.50 = £10.00



Staple binding

2 x silver staples along spine
> £0.30 per publication

Stitch binding

Straight machine stitched along spine, with your choice of any thread colour

> £0.65 per publication

Spiral coil binding

Hole punched flat spine with plastic spiral binding, available in these colours

> A6/A5 £1.00 each

> A4 £1.50 each

(minimum order 75)



Folded with metal press

Max paper width 297mm

> £0.10 per fold


Perforated with metal press

Max paper width 297mm

> £0.10 per perforation

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